Thursday, June 21, 2012

Targeting Tumor Microenvironment, Boston: Pre-meeting notes 2

In the run up to the Targeting the Tumor Microenvironment meeting, taking place in Boston, this October, there are some great resources available to you to download free of charge from the website resources page.

For example, during the run up to the meeting, a survey into the industry was carried out to see what the TME community thought about the field.

The results showed that  more than 90% of people asked thought that TME research holds the potential to improve the clinical efficacy of cancer therapeutics. They all were also in agreement that combination strategies will be more effective in treating cancer and that lack of financial support is the biggest challenge in current cancer research.

To see all of the survey results and see what the industry think about this field, you can download the survey results now.

As well as this insight into the TME communtiy, there are a number of free articles available to download, such as:
  • “CTGF drives autophagy, glycolysis and senescence in cancer-associated fibroblasts via HIF1 activation, metabolically promoting tumor growth”
    Claudia Capparelli et al. June 2012
  • “Autophagy and senescence in cancer-associated fibroblasts metabolically supports tumor growth and metastasis, via glycolysis and ketone production”
    Claudia Capparelli et al. June 2012
  • “Power Surge: Supporting Cells ‘‘Fuel’’ Cancer Cell Mitochondria
    Ubaldo Martinez-Outschoorn et al. January 2012
  • “Mitochondrial metabolism in cancer metastasis
    Richard Pestell et al. December 2011
You can find all of these resources available at
With leading expert speakers - including some of those who have authored the articles above - Targeting the Tumor Microenvironment will use TME research to revolutionize cancer drug development and is the world’s only meeting focusing on the commercial potential of this promising science.

Who should attend?
  • Pharma companies looking to better understand current TME research to apply to their drug discovery and development programs
  • Scientists working on improving tumor delivery and understanding mechanisms of cancer drug resistance
  • Not for profit researchers who are interested to see how research is being translated into drug development and  looking for collaborations and funding opportunities
  • Biotechs interested in showcasing their tumor microenvironment research to large pharma and other drug developers
  • CROs specializing in oncology drug discovery and preclinical research
  • Preclinical model and tumor imaging providers who are able to provide solutions to the problems experienced by the current industry
For more information, simply:

Call: +1 212 537 5898

*This post is brought to you by arrangement with the meeting organiser Hanson Wade, London
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