Wednesday, June 19, 2013

List of Inspirational Cancer Blogs at "Navigating Cancer" Website

Cancer can affect any organ but the underlying biology and signaling may have strong similarities. Thus one drug targeting a particular signaling pathway may work in multiple cancers.

But patients and their family often seek experiences that relate specifically to them. Someone who has kidney cancer would want to know how another kidney cancer patient is coping with such unexpected and unwanted diagnosis. They may be less interested in the experiences of those with stomach or colon cancer even though the molecular drivers may be similar.

Navigating Cancer website has a list of inspiration cancer blogs which is a great resource for those looking for information and support that they can relate to. 


The list of blogs at Navigating Cancer website is organized by cancer types and includes bladder, bone, brain, breast, carcinoid, cervical, colon, head and neck, kidney (renal cell), leukemia, liver, lung, lymphoma,  melanoma, multiple myeloma, myelodysplastic syndrome, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, rectal, soft tissue sarcoma, stomach, testicular, thyroid, uterine, vaginal, blood disorders, cancers of unknown primary origin, and other cancer blogs.


  1. There are lots of stories and articles that we can read and most of them are from good experiences and bad once. I've read thigns that might help possible risk of prostate health problems on men which is written by Dr. Mercola's article about how saw palmetto benefits our lifestyle in ways we never knew. I think this is really good article.

  2. Recommended blog:

    Cancer What to Do or SayCancer What to Do or Say. By Claudia

    In this blog, Claudia chronicles her journey and provides tips as she learns to manage her breast cancer diagnosis. She was diagnosed with breast cancer on 2009. Claudia writes: "I never refer to the individual experiencing cancer as a warrior, victim, or survivor. Nor do I refer to cancer as a fight, struggle, battle, or war. I urge the reader to stay in conscious gratitude for people, events and things in their life."

    Support her by visiting her blog.