Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Diagnosed with cancer! So, what are my chances?

"One in four deaths in the United States is due to cancer." [...]  Statements such as this will make people sit up and really take notice.   Also true are the facts that, "among men, cancers of the prostate, lung and bronchus, and colorectum account for 52% of all newly diagnosed cancers. Prostate cancer alone accounts for 28% (217,730) of incident cases in men. . . The 3 most commonly diagnosed types of cancer among women in 2010 will be cancers of the breast, lung and bronchus, and colorectum, accounting for 52% of estimated cancer cases in women. Breast cancer alone is expected to account for 28% (207,090) of all new cancer cases" [read here].

But there are nuances when the actual stats are looked at.  Although prostate and breast cancers account for about one-third of all new cases, the advances in oncology patient care and new drugs have reduced death from non-metastasized cases quite dramatically; for prostate the survival rate approaches 100%.

So, why are there many more smaller companies with limited funds still seeking anti-prostate cancer therapies while the survival rate for even the localized or regional form of pancreatic, stomach, liver, esophagus or bladder cancer is just around 30%.  Where is the late stage research and drug development for these cancers where time, money and effort are really needed. . .

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  1. Yes, averages are getting better - showing that the clinical research approach pays off.

    However, for any one individual patient today, they cannot wait years/decades for research results to reach them for further advances. But there is no need to just sit around after accepting treatment. There are many things the individual patient themselves can do which will extend their life (based on well-established medical research) now (which will enable them to cope better with any treatment, whilst not interfering with it):
    exercise, with high intensity bursts
    eat lots of fresh veggies and fruit, with a good juiced cocktail a day
    optimise Vit.D, homocysteine, and Essential Fatty Acid levels
    stop smoking, eating sugar/carbs
    reduce obesity
    check all this regularly - knowledge of results improves them

    As someone diagnosed with terminal stage 4 cancer and given weeks to live over 4 years ago by 4 experts and told they couldn't do anything for me, I've learnt this the hard way. See