Friday, January 28, 2011

Caught in a Bad Project!

If the biopharmaceutical R&D people think they are in a bind these days, it's nothing compared to the Western Lady in the Hui Zheng lab at Baylor College of Medicine, "Blot blot, Western baby. Got no bands this shit is crazy."

Bad Project (Lady Gaga Parody) - Zheng Lab

More Bad Projects all around:
GSK oncology saw an ax in August 2008 [...] and the sector as a whole lost over 50K positions in 2010 [...[...] which is actually a slowdown compared to the previous years [...].  Still, oncology has remained one bright spot, Bullet #1 in the boardroom strategy talks, darling of investors, with legacy companies preserving or expanding into oncology drug development.  Sangamo Biosciences is among the one bucking the 'restructuring' trend (Sangamo gives layoffs the zinc finger).

Shhhh! don't tell this to those in oncology R&D at Biogen Idec who saw their whole oncology franchise jettisoned and 650 left in life boats [...] or the earth under Roche-Genentech grounds that's starting to rumble-a-bit with the planned 6% (4,800) cuts globally by 2012 [...[...[...] or contractions coming with Celgene-Abraxis or Pfizer-Wyeth integrations.

Still the future is bright and green.

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