Monday, March 14, 2011

2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami - Help Bring Sendai Back to its Former Self

It is Spring in the Prairies and lovely Fall in Patagonia, and while the world goes through the simple beauty of seasons, one corner of the earth, in the coastal north Japan, has seen countless lives of its citizens shattered and those of survivors changed for ever. 
In the afternoon of March 11th, a magnitude 8.9 earthquake and ensuing tsunami off the coast of Sendai (cin-DA-EE) caused unimaginable destruction and loss of lives.[...]  The ensuing tsunami of shared pain has strung the heartstrings all over the world.  It's time to take a break from absorbing the countless commentaries, videos, twitters and pictures emerging from the epicenter.  It's time to open your hearts and your wallets.  Japan has given the world many things, from Shinto and Zen Buddhism for the soul to high-tech innovations that enrich our daily lives.  While this timeless civilization has ample confidence in itself, the first few weeks, months or years can bring anyone to its knees.

Please help! There are several ways to help.  Find a shortlist of foundations at; these include American Red Cross, Save the Children and Global Giving (read here). has compiled ways to donate via social media, including Text to Red Cross, iTunes, Twitter and Facebook (read here).  Not surprisingly, the charity listed #1 on Japanese consulate website is Red Cross.  Finally, beware of scams and use these advice from FBI (read here), Japanese LA consulate (read here) and BBB (read here).

American Red Cross: Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief (click here for online donation form), or text REDCROSS to 90999 to make $10 donation towards earthquake and tsunami relief.

News Updates:
  • New York Times Lede blog [link]
  • Live updates from [link]
  • Twitter updates [link]
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  1. If you are a LinkedIn member, join discussion at "Japans Nuclear Disaster Cancer Foundation"

    Group's Info: Global group for Cancer experts to help the Japanese government and health system with the consequences of the nuclear disaster. Examples: advise and support via emails, telephone calls, etc. After CHERNOBYL there was a 63% increase in cancer cases for those who lived within 10 miles of the plant.
    Manager: Nathan Nagel.

  2. It’s very sad. Lord hears for our prayer for these people who are victims, died and survives of this tragedy. Thank you for sharing ways to help those that are suffering due to the tsunami.