Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dartmouth College Cancer Society: Helping Patients around the House

Cancer Patients need more than an access to best doctors, treatment options and drugs; or financial and emotional support. These patients and their families often need help navigating day-to-day chores, a need that is often overlooked by cancer support systems and remains underserved.

Cancer patients under care of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center in New Hampshire have an access to a unique patient support program run by the Dartmouth College Cancer Society.

This program helps patients and their families with tasks that they don't have time or energy to finish around the house.

Dartmouth College Cancer Society founded and run by the Dartmouth College students sends student volunteers to the homes of people living with cancer on weekends and when school is in session to help patients with their to-do projects around their house. 

Per the Dartmouth College Cancer Society's website, these free services have included 

  • raking leaves, 
  • cleaning gutters, 
  • stacking wood, 
  • shoveling snow, 
  • moving furniture, and 
  • food shopping. 

These home assistance services not only help with the to-do lists of the patients and their families, they also provide cheerful visits by well-wishers in the time of great emotional need.

Founding of the Society

Dartmouth College Cancer Society was founded by Marcie Wing, a Dartmouth College Alum, and is run in partnership with the Tucker Foundation

Since the program makes such a  difference in cancer patient’s day-to-day life, and yet being so simple, I would hope that readers would use this program as model, and start something like this in their own communities through their schools, churches, etc.


Service Area:  In and around Hanover, New Hampshire

To schedule a visit from a Dartmouth College Cancer Society volunteercontact Patient and Family Support Services at (603) 650-7751 or via email at

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